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Decisions Positioning: A decision-making tool for

Decisions Positioning is a great decision-making tool for making big life decisions. It simply puts you in a new position in relation to time, location, activity, and people.

A market positioning is a term used by marketers that refers to the consumer’s perception of a product or brand in relation to other products. Apple positions its iPhone as a high-end smartphone, while many other Android smartphone-producing companies set their phone to the mainstream market.

Decisions Positioning is a decision-making tool when you think of the outcomes of your decisions as a different market positioning.

And since you’re not a new product or brand, your decisions will be repositioning yourself to your current position.

Types of decisions positioning decision-making tool

Decisions Positioning to time, location, or activity

For example, next summer, you are moving to a new city, in a different country, with a different climate, and you will have new neighbors and a new job.

Decisions Positioning: A Decision Making Tool 1
Decisions Positioning: A Decision Making Tool 1

You live in New York, USA, work as a financial advisor, and the climate is usually cold. Your new job is CEO of a new company in Dubai, UAE, and the weather is much hotter. Write down the outcomes you want, such as to have a new house, to enjoy your new job, and to move on with your family.

Then write down the decisions you need to make to reposition yourself. You need to buy a new house and sell the old one. You need to visit the new company’s headquarters before starting the job. Maybe take your family for a short vacation to know what to expect from the weather and get accustomed to living in the new city.

Execute the decisions according to your priorities to reposition yourself and your family.

Decisions Positioning to people

Imagine your marriage is on the brink of divorce—you decide to reposition yourself within your marriage relationship.

Write down the outcomes you want, such as being happy in your marriage, have a warm relationship with your wife, be enthusiastic about going out together, and sharing your activities together.

 Decisions Positioning: A Decision Making Tool 2
Decisions Positioning: A Decision Making Tool 2

Then write down the decisions you need to make to reposition yourself, such as apologizing for your mistakes, promising her to change, listening to her concerns, and so on.

Execute the decision according to your priorities.

Decisions Global Positioning

A typical timeline of your decisions during your lifetime is formed of millions of decisions, some of which are successful, while others are not.

When people think of a successful person’s inspiring story, they see it as a straight line. However, success stories are full of hills and downturns until the person reached the top if you look closely. If you watch a stock symbol for three months, you might see it as being in free fall; however, if you look at its 3-year chart, you might find that it has gained 300% during that period.

Decisions Positioning: A Decision Making Tool 3
Decisions Positioning: A Decision Making Tool 3

Think of your decisions as a way for a new position on a long timeline. This isn’t the first decision you’ll make, and hopefully, it’s not the last either. Decisions are not final destinations—they are simply tools to our goals.

Think of decisions as a road in the mountains. You can see the top you’re aiming for. However, you can’t go straight ahead, as that wouldn’t be life. Life is more complicated than that. You’ll face weather changes, such as rain, mud, lighting, snow, hail, storms, thunder, and bright sunshine on your way to the top. You’ll meet new people, and you’ll lose friends along the way.


If you think of your decisions as tools to the top, not as a destination in themselves, you’ll understand that making a decision is not the end of the world. If you are in doubt, change your direction at the next stop, stop and take the next train back, or go to another city.

Sometimes you’ll make a good decision, and sometimes you’ll make a bad decision with a disastrous outcome; however, if you have a long-term plan or see the bigger picture, you will feel more relaxed. You can always stand up again and make the right choice.

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