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Next big ideas for startups: A prophecy

Ideas are abundant, execution is non-fungible.

A Prophecy

Yesterday I checked my old abandoned blogs on Blogspot and found a fascinating blog post written in 2007, Sociolize: the pursuit of entrepreneurship. Back then, I was exploring the next big ideas for online business.

All the ideas were written 13 years ago, back in 2007. However, many are still relevant and valid, and a few of them took the internet by storm. You will read about the niche social networks and groups, no code building, and offline apps moving online.

Finding a new startup idea is one of the difficult tasks. However, the most important thing is to start. Many founders began with one idea and pivoted to another along the way.

sociolize the pursuit of entrepreneurship a blog post about the
next big ideas
Sociolize Blog

6 Simple startup ideas

  • Thinking about what you use in your daily life and the pain points you face might give you a good indication if others use it too.
  • Make a local version of any successful international site
  • Add more options such as Hotmail and Gmail. Gmail with its ample storage and easy interface getting all the attention, although Gmail was founded much later.
  • Make it more user friendly, Facebook and Myspace
  • Apply any application that you use offline to be online
  • Specialized social networks are the next big thing; write down your areas of interest and the career you know the best; think if you can build a network around them.

4 Pitfalls

  • You might feel passionate about a new idea and can’t imagine how people lived all these centuries without it. Be careful they did not invent it because they do not need it.
  • Don’t be sad when you start searching on the internet and find what you wanted to build; you can do better.
  • You will be amazed at how humans think alike and have shared ideas; it’s a good thing, people will use your product.
  • You are competing with the world and not your neighborhood bookstores, and the success might be global too.

3 Trends

  • There will be a social network for every group on earth.
  • There will be a social network for white dog lovers in Egypt, etc. The long tail theory entails a market for everyone, the democratization of production and distribution, i.e., ease of production and distribution.
  • More and more people will be able to produce and deliver their ideas without the need for professionals, opening new markets.

In conclusion, there are good ideas, those we talk about and ponder, and there are great ideas that we execute. With some tweaking and a little add-on, good ideas become great ideas.

Ideas are abundant, execution is non-fungible.

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