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Hello, I am Ahmed Shoukry. I am a urologist, academic, and author. I love to read, write, learn, and share with the world all of that. Here is my short story.

When I was in high school, I survived a car crash, and while lying in bed in hospital, I wanted to understand what is happening inside my body. I decided that I want to apply for medical school, now I am an Associate professor of Urology Cairo University. 

In 1999 I launched an online portal for sharing hobbies, sports, and interests and meeting in real life, abkaria.com later on abqaria.com. I started blogging in 2004 and in 2006, I felt the need for an Arabic blogging portal. So, I founded an online platform for independent bloggers, dedicated to citizen journalism, i-bloggers.com, and later on ibloggers.org. The platform offered free blogs for its members and curated blogs and news from news agencies, side by side. I also founded several online portals for several niche communities, the most successful was Mdlinked.com. I still believe that online communities are more successful when they are based on shared interests. All these projects are currently shut down.

After my grandfather passed away in 2008, I felt a great responsibility to help in shaping Egypt’s political future, so I became politically active. I ran as a candidate for the Egyptian Parliamentary twice. Once before the 25th of January uprising in 2010 in Shirbin, Daqahlia district, and again in 2012 in Dikernes, Daqahlia district, placing second place with 102,000 votes. I also co-founded El-Adl Party (Justice Party) in 2011 and fast forward five years later I was vice president of the MisrAlQawia Party. In late 2016 I resigned from all political positions. I stopped political activism since then.

I found myself in despair so I started running. A few months later I ran two half marathons. Since then I am a casual runner, I even published a running memoir.

I noticed the lack of Arabic speaking podcasts; I took the initiative and learned how to write, host, produce and publish a podcast. In September 2017, I launched Istqlal Podcast to raise awareness of the importance of this medium of communication and to spread knowledge. I reflected on this period in my blog post, “Finding my Voice“.

In late 2017 I wanted to try another medium of communication, self-publishing. Although self-publishing has been around for a while, the awareness of it and it’s using it still lagging in the Arab world. I published three books through 2018, each reaching higher bestselling ranks in their respective categories, and later on topping the bestseller lists. My first book is In or Out: A Practical Guide to Decision Making followed by my running memoir It’s Not Just About Running: Reflections on Life and Change in Egypt. My latest book is Anchor System Thinking: The Art of Situational Analysis, Problem Solving, and Strategic Planning for Yourself, Your Organization, and Society.

Through 2018 and 2019, I self-published my three books in Audio format, exploring a new way for audiobooks productions. Owning full copyrights by producing and using the crowdsourcing platform Findawayvoices. I reflected after publishing three books in my blog post, “Why I published three books in English“.

In our turbulent times and the uncertainty we are living today, we all seek advice growth. I have noticed that most online courses on decision making are more targeted towards business professionals. They all lack the transformation needed to make great decisions, especially in life. So in march 2020, I have founded The Decisions Academy. An online learning platform for decision making in life and work.

Obviously, I am behind shoukry.org and now running the life & work newsletter A. I. Shoukry Newsletter.

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