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  • Newsletter 2
    Subject: The Story of Ourselves 😇 Hello, We all have a new year's resolution. The problem arises when the resolution is not yours. This happens when your goals do not align with your needs and values. Everyone has a story, your story, not someone else. In the past new years' vacation, I reflected on my … Read more
  • Finding Identity
    I am a doctor, and I treat patients with UpToDate medical science and a compassionate approach. I am a writer, I learn, write, and share my knowledge. I aspire to change and inspire to change people to live a balanced life in a world where freedom, justice, and dignity prevails.
  • Newsletter 1
    Subject: Apology and Happy New Year😎 Hello, No excuses, I am sorry. You have probably subscribed to my newsletter a long time ago and you didn't hear from me. Well, Happy New Year. We all have resolutions for the new year, however, every one of us, unfortunately, may have a loss in the past year. I … Read more