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  • Doctors in the 21 Century
    Doctors in the 21 century from Ahmed Shoukry This presentation was prepared as a project assignment for the course hosted on edx titled The Future of Work: Preparing for Disruption by the World Bank Certification Link
  • حكايات الحب و الرعب
    حكايات الحب و الرعب – 9 أفلام في بروجرام واحد عارف يا رمضان اني بدعيلك في صلاتي؟ عارف يا سيدي و متشكرين – بس أنا الصراحة كان في كتب لسه عايز أقرأها و ما لحقتش دار هذا الحوار بيني و بين صديقي رمضان جاب الله رحمه الله بعد وفاته في المنام، جاء رده ساخرا كعادته … Read more
  • The value of Alternating Forest and Trees Mindsets in Decision Making
    The Alternating Forest and the Tree Mindsets (AFTM) is the ability to switch your mindset between seeing the larger picture and the details. See the forest for the trees, was probably used since 1546[i], and means seeing the bigger picture. So, are you a forest or a tree person? Some of us are consumed with … Read more