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Answer the important questions in your life now

In January and February, many of us were in denial about the danger of the Covid-19. In March, things started to shift, and the pandemic swept the world. Three months passed since then, and many countries are beginning to get back to their normal lives, or at least pretending to be normal. It’s strange how […]

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MDLinked – خدمة ارسال مواعيد المحاضرات الطبية في تخصصك

خدمة ارسال آخر المحاضرات الطبية للأطباء


MDLinked – Medical Webinars Notification Service

An email notification service with the latest webinars in your medical field right into your inbox #medicine #medical #education #webinars


Decision making in crisis

During a crisis, our ability to decide is impaired. A crisis can be an event such as the death of a loved one, stressful times, or unexpected disasters. As these situations can happen at any time, so be prepared so you can make a decision during a crisis, or at least know how to handle […]

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Covid-19 & terrorism

What to learn from decades-long lessons Covid-19 is a terrorist attack, and pandemics are terrorism. Complete lockdown, travel ban, several industries closure are unsustainable measures. One should think of more sustainable and effective ways to fight Covid-19 and future pandemics. Similarities between terrorism and pandemics Terrorism and pandemics are unpredictable; both strike unconditionally and spread […]