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In or Out: A Practical Guide to Decision Making

In or Out

A landmark book for decision making in life and work. In or Out will teach you how to make decisions that align with your values and principles. Learn how to live a happy and balanced life. Get exclusive access to the Personal Balancing Matrix Scorecards.

Hello, I am Ahmed Shoukry

I am an Associate Professor of Urology, author of In or Out, and Anchor System Thinking. I love to read, write, learn, and share with the world all of that.

My writing is focused on living a balanced life, making better decisions, and changing the world’s future for the better.

I have a wide range of interests and experiences, and I use my knowledge to combine ideas from different disciplines to create synergy.

I believe that learning stops the moment your heart stops beating and sharing what you learn is what keeps you alive for eternity.

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