Decision-making Tools and Techniques

Decision-making tools can help you in making great decisions. They can be applied to identify your decision problem, explore alternatives, and execute your decision. Decision-making tools and techniques are applied in both big life decisions and small daily life decisions. Many of the tools are based on the concepts of exploration, creativity, and subjectivity. Some […]

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Decisions Positioning: A decision-making tool for

Decisions Positioning is a great decision-making tool for making big life decisions. It simply puts you in a new position in relation to time, location, activity, and people. A market positioning is a term used by marketers that refers to the consumer’s perception of a product or brand in relation to other products. Apple positions […]

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The Decisions Academy

The Decisions Academy Great decision making in life and work I am thrilled today to announce the launch of The Decisions Academy. A premier training platform for individuals that are interested in making great decisions in life and work. The Decisions Academy is the most practical and useful course platform on decision making tailored for […]


The Decisions Academy is now on Product Hunt