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Are morning after pills effective: The case for decisions

You wake up the following day after making a decision and say, “Now what?” What did I do to myself? The morning after pills is usually taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex to protect against unwanted pregnancy.

Are there pills you can take to protect against morning blues you may have in the morning after making a life-changing decision?

You decided to retire, get married, or break up a relationship, and now you’re in the real situation—you do not imagine any more. So relax; it’s common to have doubts and second thoughts.

3 tips to overcome the morning blues after making a decision

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Remember, you spent enough time weighing up pros and cons and exploring all the alternatives, consequences, and tradeoffs. It’s all written in your decision-making sheets (DMS), so relax and reassure yourself.

If you’re still having doubts, talk to someone you trust, and try to face any doubts early before they grow.

Having second thoughts after implementing your thought-out decision is highly unlikely unless new factors come in. Often happens when unique circumstances or more information arise that was unavailable at the time of the decision.

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Something is not right

A dear friend once gave me these words of wisdom: “If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, then you’re either doing it wrong, or you’re doing the wrong thing.”

If you’re continuously having doubts about what you are doing, you need to stop. Instead, go back to the DMS and look at your expected pros and cons.

If you find that your doubts are written, this will enforce that you made the right decision. It’s normal to feel that you can’t continue in the new direction you just took. Want to change your mind? See your exit strategy.

Be prepared

Whether you’re quitting your job or moving to a new city, plan the day after the decision to limit your second thoughts.

Breaking up with someone? Plan an outing with your friends.

Quitting your job? Prepare your resume and submit it to online job search engines.

The morning after schedule should never be a surprise to yourself.

Always plan ahead and be proactive.


So, are morning-after pills effective after making decisions? Being prepared, having decision-making sheets, and an exit strategy is your morning-after pills for decision-making.

A. I. Shoukry is the founder of The Decisions Academy and a bestselling author.

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