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The World Before The Corona Crisis B.C.C. and The World After The Corona Crisis A.C.C.

I got jealous reading Thomas Friedman’s article in The New York Times, Our New Historical Divide: B.C. and A.C. — the World Before Corona and the World After.

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A few days before in a conversation with my parents, I was telling them the same wordings, the world before Corona and the world after Corona. I guess everyone is thinking the same in such turbulent times. So, I will call it,  before the Corona crisis B.C.C. and after the Corona crisis A.C.C.

Currently, we cannot foresee the ramification of this pandemic. Nonetheless, we couldn’t predict our current mess, despite seeing a catastrophe unfolding in front of our eyes in China.

However, many changes and lessons started to appear, and the ripple effect had started.

For now, we can surely ask questions. Who will lead the world A.C.C.?

China, the communist/socialist one-party regime, has won a rigorous war against the unknown, now known enemy (Covid-19). Three months of a battlefield type of a fight against the virus. A war that started after a period of denial and changed into an open battle, while building massive hospitals in just a few days. Reaching the peak of victory and announcing zero new cases yesterday, it’s just a miracle unfolding.

On the other side, the libertarian regimes, capitalism, and the media with the highest voice and influence on the world, led by the United States of America and Europe, are now put to the most stringent test since the world wars.

Will the regimes that favor a one-party rule or autocracy prove that the only way to win such wars is strong leadership? Where the iron and fire are the rules, and the community comes first before individuals?

Will the conservative societies, where the religion, family, and community still have a significant role in people’s behaviors and judgment, survive better is such tough times?

China is now leading the world in this unprecedented fight. However, they have only managed to contain the virus spread. They have won a fight but not the battle. Now it’s a race against the time who will succeed in providing the treatment and the vaccine.

But first, we need to define the victory against the pandemic. I will try to explore in my following article.

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