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Newsletter 6

Subject: Big Announcement 😉


Today I am happy to share with you a big announcement; I am currently working on a new project, The Decisions Academy. It’s an online teaching platform for decision making in life and work. I have been working on the subject of decision making for the past few years, and I published two books in 2018, In or Out and Anchor System thinking.

Lately, I noticed that most online courses on decision making are more targeted towards business professionals. They all lack the transformation needed to make great decisions, especially in life. I have been approached by many to deliver my knowledge through online courses, hoping to help many people facing life-changing decisions, especially in life.

The first course will be titled “How to make great decisions? Mini-Course The definitive guide to making decisions in life and work in less than 30 minutes“. Launching hopefully in March.

2nd course will be “How to make great life-changing decisions? The definitive guide to making life-changing decisions using Anchor System Thinking“.

3rd course will be “How to make great decisions? Masterclass The ultimate guide to making decisions in life and work“.

The curriculum would include:

  • The decision-making process
  • Identifying the decision problem
  • Exploring and Executing
  • Decision-making tools
  • Balanced decision toolkit
  • Anchor System Thinking
  • Downloadable Workbooks and tools and much much more

Again, I am very excited to share the news with you.

But until we meet again, what else do you suggest to include in such courses?

And, are you willing to pay for such courses to transform your life and make great decisions?

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A. I. Shoukry

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