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Circle of Communication

IN or OUT: A Practical Guide to Decision Making

It’s very hard to define the meaning of a balanced life, as what may sound like a balanced life to someone may be entirely out of balance to others. The term balanced life assumes that there are various aspects of our life that we try to balance. Or we try not to go out of balance by prioritizing a domain over the other. People in general name such domains as work and personal life. So, you find someone trying to be successful at work and raise a family. The question would be what domains are we trying or should be trying to balance? This is what I called Circle of Communication in In or Out book.

In brief, the Circle of Communication is anything that surrounds us, and we do or try to communicate with. We stand at the center of this circle, that expands to communicate with people like family, friends, and coworkers. Geographically reaching your building, neighborhood, city, and country. Even filling unrelated abstract spaces such as the internet, environment, outer space, or contacting your god by praying.

Everyone has a different set of priorities, whenever you have to choose between two different circles of communication. One famous question, work, or family first?

In In or Out book the Circle of Communication is one of the Balanced Life Equation (BLE) and Balancing Matrix (BM) domains.

A. I. Shoukry Author of In or Out: A Practical Guide to Decision Making

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