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Answer the important questions in your life now

In January and February, many of us were in denial about the danger of the Covid-19. In March, things started to shift, and the pandemic swept the world. Three months passed since then, and many countries are beginning to get back to their normal lives, or at least pretending to be normal.

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It’s strange how we humans forget and how we adapt. I always say that if there is one lesson to be learned from the past few months is that we should not take anything for granted.

I want you to go back in March and April when we started to hear about the complete lockdown, face masks, and social distancing. When Italy was the center of attention on the news and people were checking infection and mortality rates for their country every morning.

Many people lost their jobs, and others spend their savings or at least reduced their expenses. Back then, we all started to think about our uncertain future. What if this continues for a more extended period? How are we going to earn a living? What about our education plans? Graduation? All our future suddenly appeared like a cloud of vape.

Although stress and economic pressure may hinder our thinking abilities, such tough times may open new opportunities to rethink our strategies and tactics. It’s was the perfect time to ask the important life questions. What is and what is not important to us? What are our needs, and what are our wants? Who are the essential people in our lives? What is necessary and what is luxury? Do we need all that stuff we own? What are the values you live for? What are our priorities? Do we care about our health enough?

If in the past few months, you did your homework then you are ok, if you didn’t, then you lost a great opportunity. However, it’s not too late.

Here in Egypt, where I live, the curfew is now officially over. Quarantine is not mandatory anymore for coming travelers, and air flights are returning by the start of the next month. People will try to return to their “new normal” lives. But be careful, the pandemic is not over, and it might strike again harder. So you better answer the important questions.