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  • Newsletter 6
    Subject: Big Announcement 😉 Dear Today I am happy to share with you a big announcement; I am currently working on a new project, The Decisions Academy. It’s an online teaching platform for decision making in life and work. I have been working on the subject of decision making for the past few years, andContinue reading “Newsletter 6”
  • Newsletter 5
    Subject: Do you have a daily journal? 😊 Hello, This year I started to write on a daily basis. Just a paragraph or two, writing about my daily activities. I wrote an article about my new routine, you can read it here: My Daily Journaling. Share with me your experience with journaling by commenting here. A.Continue reading “Newsletter 5”
  • Newsletter 4
    Subject: Value of Alternating Forest and Trees Mindsets in Decision Making 😊 Hello, I hope that everything is great on your side, today I am sharing with you my latest article. The Alternating Forest and the Tree Mindsets (AFTM) is the ability to switch your mindset between seeing the larger picture and the details. See the forest forContinue reading “Newsletter 4”