IN or OUT: A Practical Guide to Decision Making

IN or OUT: A Practical Guide to Decision Making

Are you in or are you out? In or out of a relationship? In or out of a job? In or out of an outing? Why are decisions so hard to make—both big life decisions and small daily decisions?

If you struggle to make decisions and are looking for a practical guide to decision makingthis is the book for you!

In “In or Out,” you’ll:

·        See how to easily make decisions that affect your daily life and your work.

·        Understand the philosophy and motives behind your decisions.

·        Make wise decisions based on your values and principles.

·        Discover a simple, smart decision-making process.

·        Explore more than 15 decision tools that help you make decisions. 

·        Know how to make decisions during a crisis, under uncertainty, and in groups.

·        Recognize and overcome your brain’s limitations when making decisions.

·        Have an exit strategy and start making decisions proactively.

·        Stop procrastinating and make your decisions become a reality.

Making decisions can be stressful, time-consuming, and lead to missed opportunities or disastrous outcomes. “In or Out” will help you handle decisions with ease and control your future, making decisions that align with your goals and objectives. You’ll learn the meaning of a balanced, happy life, and how to make decisions that create your happy life.

Author A. I. Shoukry is an academic, a surgeon, a politician, a writer, a podcaster, and a runner who makes decisions that come as naturally as breathing, yet are as complicated as managing life-threatening situations during surgery.

His years of experience and research into decision making lead him to create a practical, simple decision-making toolkit. In this book, you’ll get exclusive access to this toolkit, with decision tools for balanced decision making, a balanced life equation, a balancing matrix, and personal balancing matrix scorecard.

So, are you in? Or are you out? Make this small decision now and start making all your decisions more efficiently, effectively, and happily with this book.