About Dr. Ahmed Shoukry

I graduated from Kasr Elainy School of Medicine, Cairo University in 2001. Then worked as a resident of Urology in the department at Cairo University from 2003 to 2006. I finished my Master’s degree in Urology in 2007 and became certified by the European Board of Urology in 2009. In 2010 I completed my Ph.D. in Urology, and I am currently working as an Associate Professor of Urology at Abu El Rish Pediatric Hospital.

I presented several abstracts in national and international Urology conferences, and I’m a member of the American, European, International and Egyptian associations of Urology, as well as published in international publications.

In 2006, I found an Arabic blogging portal for independent bloggers (ibloggers.org), dedicated to citizen journalism, as well as founded several online portals.

Being a political activist and founding member of the National Assembly for Change in Egypt in February 2010, I participated in the change movement by Dr. Mohamed Baradei before the 25th of January 2011 Egyptian revolution.

I ran as a candidate in the Egyptian Parliamentary elections in November 2010 in Shirbin, Daqahlia district and again in January 2012 in Dikernes, Daqahlia district, placing second place with 102,000 votes.

After the 25th January 2011 Egyptian Revolution, I co-founded El-Adl Party (Justice Party) and headed it in a steering committee as well as a member of the Political Office and official spokesperson until June 2012.

I’m also a freelance writer at El-Shorouk daily Egyptian newspaper.

November 2012 I resigned from ElAdl Party

May 2013, joined MisrAlQawia Party headed by Dr. Abd El Moneam Aboelfottouh and in June 2013 was appointed as a member of the higher committee and member of the political bureau of the Party.

February 2015 I was elected as  member of the higher committee and in March 2015 was elected as member of the political bureau of the MisrAlQawia Party

Headed the political bureau of the MisrAlQawia Party and the foreign affairs committee in February 2016

Appointed in February 2016 as vice president of MisrAlQawia Party.

In December 2016 I resigned from the political bureau, vice president, head of political bureau and head of foreign affairs committee of MisrAlqawia Party

Launched my first podcast show “Istqlal” in September 2017

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