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Silent Running

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Today I couldn’t find my earphones while gathering my things up to rush for my run. I was already late for work, but I had to squeeze my weekly short run. As the summer passed by, I stopped my weekly running routine. Now the weather is perfect for a regular outdoor run. I promised myself to run at least two to three times a week. Last October I have found that I do have a high triglycerides level, nonetheless a high cholesterol and LDL levels. I consulted my nutritionist friend who advised me that I had to go back to my regular running routine and that I had to reduce my simple carbohydrates intake. A crucial decisive element for not giving me a statin was my average HDL level, he told me it saved you.

A couple of minutes later, running through all my yesterday’s memories, I called my wife, asking her to look into my pants pocket for the earphones. Found it, she said. It felt good, I owned this pair of earphones since I bought my current mobile phone 18 months ago. I never leave home without them, wired but reliable; you never have to worry about losing battery. A lesson learned a couple of years ago when I finished my first 10K run.

Okay, let’s do this, a silent run, without music, podcast, or interruptions by notifications. I have experienced this before and I know it’s benefits but like any good and healthy habits, you know what’s right and you rarely execute. Running without any voice in your head except your own, do have its magic. A few hundred meters later on, a gush of ideas stormed my head, running without earphones is highly underrated. It opens a door of self-reflection and creativity; the only drawback is that with all of these bouncing ideas, you need a pen to catch them up on a paper. I thought, what if I had a smartwatch that I can dictate my words while running? Then I thought I wouldn’t have those ideas in the first place if I would be running with a phone or a connected smartwatch. The whole idea of silent running is to lose the continues byte connection you have.

Advice to my future self, silent running once a week.