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Every week – listen to one idea on how to make better decisions

Welcome to the life & work podcast. Every week I will share one idea on how to make better decisions in life and work.

By learning how to make better decisions you can live a balanced and happy life.

Hello, my name is A. I. Shoukry, founder of The Decisions Academy. I am a Urologist, academic, x-politician, and bestselling author.

My journey with decision-making

Throughout my life, I have made the right decisions and bad decisions. I have always been interested in how the mind works, how humans behave, and how we make decisions. In 2017 after turning 40, I started to explore deeper into the decision-making process and how to make great decisions.

I have spent the past few years of reading, researching, and creating my strategies and explanations to develop innovative ways to make better decisions. Now I am sharing all my knowledge through the podcast, The Decisions Academy, and my newsletter.

I am the author of the bestselling books, In or Out – A Practical Guide to Decision Makingand Anchor System ThinkingI am the creator of the Balanced Decision Toolkit and Anchor System Thinking. Also, I publish articles regularly on decision making, sharing them on my website, newsletter, and several online portals.

Work-Life balance

We live in a constant struggle between work and life. The point is that we own our life.

What we decide today determines our future. Imagine if you can plan your future now by making the right decisions.

The podcast delivers knowledge about decision-making in simple terms that can be applied to your daily life decisions.

life & work podcast
life & work podcast

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