Decisions: In or Out Companion Workbook

If you struggle to make decisions and are looking for a workbook to help you in decision makingthis is the book for you!

Decisions is your IN or OUT Companion Workbook. You will find a variety of six decisions tools featured in the author’s book IN or OUT: A Practical Guide to Decision Making.

  • Balance Sheet
  • Positioning Decision Sheet
  • Pull Perspective Decision Sheet
  • Exploratory Balancing Matrix
  • Personal Balancing Matrix Scorecard
  • Custom Balancing Matrix Scorecard

Use Decisions Workbook as a standalone workbook for making decisions, giving you a variety of decision tools for solving big and small decisions. Whether you are quitting your job or buying a new car, these tools will come in handy.

Be a decision maker and start writing, exploring, and executing your decisions. Decisions is your ultimate decision workbook.

Paperback format of Decisions: In or Out Companion Workbook with 108 of premium decision sheets on