Decision-making Tools and Techniques

Decision-making tools can help you in making great decisions. They can be applied to identify your decision problem, explore alternatives, and execute your decision.

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Decision-making tools and techniques are applied in both big life decisions and small daily life decisions.

Many of the tools are based on the concepts of exploration, creativity, and subjectivity. Some other tools provide an objective and measurable approach to decision-making. Feel free to explore these tools as you wish.

 “Long-range planning does not deal with future decisions. It deals with the futurity of present decisions.”[i]

Decision-making tools and techniques

Consequence Table

A consequence table is used to compare decision alternatives in relation to specific objectives. This is helpful when you’re deciding to make any kind of purchase, such as a car or house, and you have set aims and objectives for the item. 

Pay-off Table

A payoff table is an excellent decision-making tool for uncertain times. It is a simple table that compares the events and results of your choices. 

Leap Forward

One of the greatest tools to explore the effect of decisions on your life is the future leap. Leap ahead in time, and just think of the future. Where do you want to be in the next year, five years, or maybe ten years?

Think Goals

Imagine you’ve already made a big life decision. You’ve got your new job, or maybe you’ve entered into a new relationship, now all your dreams have come true. You have all the tools, and you are filled with passion for starting your new position. Write down what you want to accomplish after taking up a new job. Writing your goals acts as a roadmap hidden in your mind.

Decisions Positioning

Decisions Positioning is a great decision-making tool for making big life decisions. It simply puts you in a new position in relation to time, location, activity, and people.

The Pull Perspective

Pull Perspective: A decision-making tool for solving relationship problems.

Balance Sheets

A balance sheet is a piece of paper with two columns. In each column, you list the pros and cons of the choices in question. You then subtract equal pros and cons for the competing decisions until you reach a clear winner.

The forest and trees mental model

The use of the forest and trees mental model in decision-making is to switch your mindset between seeing the larger picture and the details.

SWOT Analysis

The Pareto Principle

Two Axes Matrix

Coming Soon

Decision Trees

Bookmark this page to visit at any time to use the tools as needed. I will be adding decision-making tools continuously.

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[i] Drucker. Long-Range Planning. Manage Sci. 1959;(april).

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